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Needs, Offers, & Requests

I would love to request:

  • Simply to ask me about how the things on this site are going for me, lately, or to share related experiences.
  • To talk to you if you are a filmmaker, designer, or educator… about your own learning!
  • Suggestions for articles, books, magazines, movies, people, and organizations related to my learning interests specifically from voices on the margins, such as people of color, women, queer and trans folks, and indigenous peoples.
  • Connections to other musicians in the Bay Area, especially ones looking for a trumpet in their funk, balkan, or second line band.
  • Connections to other sailors in the Bay Area, especially ones looking for able crew on races or cruising boats.
  • Connections specifically to The Center for Urban Pedagogy, Daniel Quinn, and David Suzuki. Just putting it out there…

I would love to offer:

  • To be a mentor or learning companion to young people who want to explore design or entrepreneurship, especially if they want to collaborate on investigate and make new things together to improve our communities.
  • Workshops or consulting around learning to your community or organization.

Thanks for all of your support!

Optional Information: