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The Art of Being

My Foundation for Everything Else

As I step further into my thirties, some things look different than they did in my twenties. I am finding myself stepping into more roles of leadership, mentorship, and potentially even fatherhood over the next decade. As I do, how am cultivating a wise heart and steady hands for the roles I may be stepping into?

Whether I am an educator, designer or filmmaker over the next few decades, how am I coming at any of these things very a healthy, grounded place? And, so, let me offer some new areas of focus to add to my Art of Being learning journey, the longest and most important journey of them all.

As was true for my first Open Master’s plan, none of the rest of my learning goals or dreams are possible without the foundation, or worth doing if they come at the expense of the below. It’s like trying to drive cross country in a car that doesn’t have enough oil in the engine and air in the tires. I still resonate with the story that resonated with me at 26 of the drop of oil in the spoon and continue to be an advocate of putting an section like this in your Open Master’s plan.

Also, this part of my plan is getting a big more rigor and depth this year in particular because of my participation in the Alt*Div community, which is finally giving me the impetus to take a much closer look at my foundational morals, values, ethics, and connection with the sacred earth (and how I cultivate this connection regularly in my life). >> See my alt*div plan.

Relationship, Family, & The Village
  • Keeping up regular communication with my family. Letting them know before I disappear into projects or travel!
  • Investing in relationships with the men in my life who are like brothers and role models.
  • Explorations with Ashleigh — design journal, 100 questions, date nights!
  • Continuing to explore the village dreams with Adam, David, Ashleigh, and others.
Habits for Health, Wellness, & Self Discipline
  • Start every morning with physical activity (pull-ups, swimming, yoga, walking, or running) followed by brief meditation or writing, before heading off or beginning work.
  • No technology on shabbat.
  • Keep to one cup of coffee a day, or less. (I’ve been doing well with this!)
Life as an Entrepreneur
  • Intentionally under-book my weeks… <70% full at the start. (This is really hard, but it’s the way that I end up having space for what really matters and for not being really stressed out!)
  • Work more closely with my dad on my business, and learn what I can from him about effectively running a company (I have so much to learn).
  • Interviewing friends who run similar programs or businesses about what their habits for self-discipline and management are like (e.g. Adam, Ryan, Blake, Axle)
  • Learn to get better at not doing it all myself. Take the leap of hiring an accountant!
Joie de Vivre: Being where I am… taking in the Bay Area… playing…
  • Shabbat every week; make it a firm commitment, and an open house for friends to drop in.
  • Sunday Nature Play Days — for surfing, sailing, windsurfing, or just walking.
  • Regular camping trips with Ashleigh & friends. Aim to wake up outside at least one day every month, no matter how far it is from home?
  • Take an adventure this year with Ashleigh to Baja, Hawaii, Alaska.
  • Music, improvising on my trumpet along with recordings (share recordings with my friend Adam Horowitz!). Maybe yet still find a funk or brass band to join!

Circle of Support

Sarah Bradley
Left to Right: Ashleigh Shepherd, Laura Webb, Jeff Bordogna, Sarah Bradley, Adam Horowitz, David Bronstein, Axle Brown, Matthew Abrams.

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