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The Art of Being

What I hope to Learn

This may sound superfluous or a little new-age to some at first glance, but this may be the hardest section of my entire plan.  A former yoga teacher once said that savasana is the most challenging yoga posture to master.  She was right, and her advice seems to hold true in a great many other facets of life as well.

First, as my friend Lucy has reminded me from time to time, it’s easier to take care of ourselves than to wear ourselves ragged and then have to put the pieces back together.  I have a habit of doing that, and that’s a habit I should break.

Second, as someone who wants to fill my days working intensively with people and groups, I need to be able to bring lots of energy and enthusiasm to that work, not outside issues or frustrations.

Third, part of any good design process, especially in entrepreneurship, is being able to remain relatively even-keel personally amid the chaos from which good solutions most often emerge.

Finally, I have come to realize that the inverse of the skills I hope to master are just as challenging and important as the skills themselves.  The harder I work at speaking, the harder I must work at listening.  The harder I work at leading, the more I have to focus on stepping back.  And, above all, the harder I argue for things to change, the more I realize that the things I wish to change are most often the same things that I am most unhappy with or afraid of within myself (hat tip to Robert Pirsig).

Therefore, all of the work on the other three sections of my plan may very well be for naught if I do not at the same time seek to maintain some balance, contentment, and groundedness in my life.  So I will pursue the art of being just it thoughtfully as any other art on this list.

How I hope to cultivate it
  • Taking on projects that help me feel grounded and invested in certain communities I care about, like helping launch and build Hub DC, Co.Spaces, and even the house of my friend Jeff.
  • Making time to stay connected to family and friends.
  • Keep an eye on the basics of wellbeing: keep a budget, keep active with at least one sport at all times, etc.
  • Making time to read for enjoyment.
  • Making music.
  • etc.
Resources Support

My family and close friends.  Perhaps a personal coach?

Recognition of Mastery

There are no milestones or recognitions of mastery I am seeking in this area, but I’ll work on making sure I gather some evidence along the way that I am doing things to give this section of my plan attention.

I list it as part of my plan mainly to make sure it stays on my radar, and to invite others to help out with ideas or observations as I go, or to call me out when they notice this section needs some love.


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