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Emerging: the Plan for this Year

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There is a lot in this plan. I wanted to put it all out there first to see what would stick and what would become priorities for this year.

After a week of public feedback, it looks like I’m successfully narrowing in on a plan / schedule for this year, which is basically:

This Fall
  • Mainly focus on the coursera and skillshare courses I’m taking on model thinking and business models, respectively.
  • Get myself “set up,” including forming a relationships with some mentors / coaches, refining the priorities of this plan, etc.
  • Helping organize the Open Master’s Studio events for the community in DC.
This Spring
  • Mainly focus on two courses: sketching and writing / rhetoric, and get into writing and sketching more regularly.
  • Perhaps take on a publishing project like the next version of the Open Master’s Handbook or the Project Model Canvas (forthcoming project with New Leaf / Co.Space folks).
  • Find an incubator or education program¬†focused on social innovation to work at so that I can be applying what I’m learning while I’m studying.
  • Check off smaller items in no particular order – e.g. reading certain books or attending one-day trainings / workshops.
  • Get into the habit of writing, sketching, and blogging here more regularly.