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More About Me

My Story

I am one of the co-founders of the Open Master’s Program and am working to build, connect, and support the emerging ecosystem of innovative higher education programs that aim to help young people find meaningful, authentic careers with a positive impact.


  • I design and facilitate creative learning programs- around design thinking, community building, entrepreneurship, aligning teams, hacking into creative careers, etc.- with organizations like the Experience Institute, Mycelium School, the Sullivan Foundation, the Trailblazer Gathering, etc.
  • I founded and facilitate the community of practice which is building the Open Master’s Program, which helps adult self-directed learners form groups and deepen into practices that help them become more mindful, structured, and socially engaged in pursuit of ambitious long-term learning goals.
  • At HackCville, an entrepreneurial clubhouse in Charlottesville, VA, I build community, design and run programs like the Hack Your Career Series, and coach students at the University of Virginia who do awesome stuff like this,  this, and sometimes even that.
  • I work to build, connect, and grow the open education ecosystem through projects like Educate 2020 and by speaking and writing on the future of education.


  • I was a data wonk on the global corporate sustainability team of a big property company in Australia.
  • I ran a social entrepreneurship education program and coordinated a conference on the same topic in Tibet.
  • I created and ran experiments in peer-led learning both online (through P2PU) and face-to-face (through Citizen Circles).
  • I started as a minimalist strategy consultancyNight Train Consulting- with my friend and college roommate Jeff Bordogna- through which we helped organizations like RateYourStudyAbroad and TimeBanks USA navigate pivotal transitions.  (Jeff and I also launched theCourseForum together, the student-run course evaluations site which 80% of UVA students still use (and run) to this day.)
  • I received a formal education in psychology and economics at the University of Virginia and created a self-directed education in designing and facilitating learning communities through the Open Master’s Program.

Along the way, I have gotten to live and work in some amazing places- Charlottesville, VA, Chicago, Washington, DC, Sydney, Australia, Berlin, Shanghai, Tibet, and North Carolina (where I am from), where I have been inspired by incredible people, whose kindness I try to pay forward wherver I can.


Some silly dreams I have:

* My friends may have convinced me to start with a cob playhouse. Fine.