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More About Me

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In a nutshell:

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As the founder of the Open Master’s– and through my ever-evolving work as a community builder and facilitator– I support grassroots communities who are creatively meeting their own needs for learning and community through self-organized groups and experiences, peer mentoring, and self-directed learning.

I am always looking for more ways to celebrate under-appreciated, under-valued (and very often un-credentialed and under-compensated, as well) talent, expertise, and wisdom living on the margins of mainstream culture, and outside the walls of institutions; and to help individuals trust in their own abilities, in the abundance of their communities, in the wisdom of their heart’s deepest longings, and in the value of the contributions they are making to the world.

I still have so much to learn, and so many amazing people to learn from.

Some silly dreams I have:

  • Start a hospitality house for recent refugees
  • Make a feature-length film to humanize the possible impact of a basic income
  • Work on large, multi-stakeholder transformation teams with organizations like Second Muse, Further by Design, or Reos Partners

  • Build a house out of Cob (seriously, how cool do these look?)* 

* My friends may have convinced me to start with a cob playhouse. Fine.